Friday, August 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - Official Trailer

Scott Pilgrim

Comes out today bitches, and I already saw it last night!

Daft Punk's Electroma Hidden Soundtrack Part 1

Gorillaz - Stylo (HD)

La Roux - In for the Kill

Grace Jones Citroen CX Car Advert

Cars in Music Videos Are Awesome!

There's been a lot of cars in music videos. This is a trend that is getting popular and more awesome!!! Cars in music videos make me fanticize about driving a sweet 1987 Trans Am with kick ass racing stripes (because you can't fully experience awesome without racing stripes). In these day dreams I alwasys have a vendetta. It's either I have to beat up some chick I hate, an ex girlfriend of one of my guy friends, or somebody kidnapped someone, and I'm the only one crazy enough for the job. Realistically I'd probably crash the car right after turning it on, then panic until police showed up (because this has happened before....sorry Christie). Here are some of my favorite car music videos that I've seen recently. I'll probably think of some more later.

For kicks I'm putting in that Grace Jones Ad.