Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy The Witch

This is Happy the Witch from the comic Drunk Wizard by my friend Julian. It's a great comic and is a hit. Fun Fact: Happy the Witch is in partly based off me. Fun.

Burger Boogaloo

My good friend at Burger Records took a picture that showcases me and my friends' stylish back heads. I'm the short one behind the Pork soldier.

Devo Took A Picture of Me

I'm on the far right (you gotta enlarge)

The Cowboy Ep. 2

I'm in this too. Channel 101 still.

The Cowboy Ep. 1

I'm in this thing. Channel 101, vote, stuff.

My Friend Jason Interviews Devo

Jan Terri - Excuse My Christmas (Demon Remix)

Tiene Nombres Mil

Poop So Hard

Fred Durst - Freestyle Rap

Can't get those black butt cheeks out of my face

American Psycho - Do You Like Huey Lewis and The News?

My dick is as hard as blood fuck

Celebrity Deformities - Dan Aykroyd


Why Try To Escape From Which You Know You Can't Escape From? by Lars Von Trier

Old Skull - Homeless

The Public Enemy - James Cagney Gets Real

Shut up, bitch

Period Piece

The Fury Ending

Go to hell

Poltergeist Face Peeling

Scanners Ending


The Blob

The Beast Within

Parasite 3D

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Balloon Shop - Mountain Dew

The Fesh Pince of Blair

Powerpuff Bunny

Boy Stutters For 1 Minute

Scary Roll

Ballet Zoom - Cats

Ballet Zoom - Platillos Volantes

Ballet Zoom - Soul Dracula

Sadler's Wells

Carrie 1976 Ending

I will haunt your dreams

How To Ride A Horse

How To Dye Your Hair

The Omen - It's All For You Damien!

I want it all

Mr. Pickles - Good Boy

Someone knows me too well

Would You Fuck Me? I'd Fuck Me

Skinhead Punches Geraldo

Macaulay Culkin Eating A Slice of Pizza

Envy by Pete

Wonder Showzen - White People