Monday, March 18, 2013

Wavves Freak out in a Bathroom - 60 Seconds Left

Wavves is cool, and I met Nathan with Matt at Frog and Peach here in town. He got us in to see Gza for free because we got high with him. It was rad hanging out with him 2 nights in a row, and he was super nice. So was Dane, Dane is a rad dude. Nathan called me his little pickle and hugged me and picked me up. It was a fun time. Shout out to Wavves new album. I hope you guy decide to book a show here in SLO on tour for your new album, and I hope you come hangout with Matt and I. We're always down to chill again.

- My open letter to Wavves (Nathan)

- Love Pickles

Wavves is coming to SLO! Wavves is playing at The Cal Poly Rec Center on Cal Poly campus, which is conveniently by KCPR. I really want Wavves to play live on air for a Live Session to promote the show (that's going on across the street). Also, the DJ's that can't afford to go to the show can come sit and watch in the station, so at least they can see Wavves. So I'm hoping that can happen.

Matt and I got on the guestlist to see Wavves at The Smell in LA, so maybe we can get lit with Nathan and hangout.

YAY for you SLO! You're getting Wavves!

*Another UPDATE*

Matt and I missed the Wavves show in LA because we were told the wrong date. Whatever. We're now on the guest list for the show in SLO. Gonna tear that up! So now we're just going to hot box the station with Wavves and see if playing on air is possible. I don't know...

Accent Elimination Program

Ministry - Stigmata (Video Version)

Heathers - Heather Duke vs. Veronica

GTFO bitch.

Henry Rollins in Bad Boys 2

Our boss has hella tats...

FULL ALBUM: Phantom of the Paradise - Original Soundtrack Recording

Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre Shreds

Diamanda Galas - The Litanies of Satan

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nux Fest 2013

What a beautiful picture. Buchon House is burning. BUCHON HOUSE IS DEAD!

Here's a documentary that Tyler Deitz, KCPR's business director, made about Nux Fest 2013. Tyler is rad, he was almost my trainee, but it's ok because I forgive him. I remember when Nuxfest started at Broadfest and the first year it happened was in 2010. Now it has grown into a giant juggernaut of the community. I'm just happy to be apart of it's humble beginnings, and being really fucked up while doing really fucked up things every year. Follow the link.

My favorite part, that I'm the only one meantioned by name and I'm totally fucked up on several levels throughout the whole thing. Also in the end you can hear Hypnic Jerk playing the cover of "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads. Hypnic Jerk is Matt (Guitar, Vocals), Steven (Drums), and Me (Bass). We played Nux!

What wasn't put on camera....when I threw my tampon in the crowd, spit beer on people (I am the bassist that spit that Ben is talking about), when I spit in the crowd (I am the person that spit on that girl), punched people in the face, got punched in the face and my nose bled, when I ate dog tranquilizer in front of the crowd after drinking a Joose and a Red Bull, drinking a bottle of Jim Beam straight, totally spitting up water on Danny's dick when he exposed himself to the camera, and got pushed into the nasty still water pond in front of Xroads, then having to shower during the show. I wore Matt's clothes the whole time, even his underwear,  for the whole night, and I was barefoot and soaking wet the whole time. Showered in beer a lot. The best was in the morning when I was interviewed and Tyler asks "was it worth it" and I was holding my fucked up nose and I said "Yeah, sure". That's the story every year.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chonk On KCPR Part 1

3/11/13 Chonk plays Live in KCPR on Cal Poly campus. It was right after I wrapped up my New Releases show. Spur of the moment! WARNING! The audio clips sometimes and will make an unpleasant noise. It's not too terrible, but worth noting.

Chonk AKA Chonk & The Ghost Fiddler are Chonk (guitar and vocals) and The Ghost Fiddler (fiddle & his concoctions). For more info go to their facebook here

New Releases is the Music Directors' show on KCPR that features all the new music added to our rotation in the last week. Every Monday 10am - 12pm on KCPR San Luis Obispo 91.3fm. Listen online! We have a live stream on

Part 1 and 2 are both available on youtube, just search Chonk on KCPR. For some reason I'm not able to upload the videos.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rose Windows on KCPR

Read details below on youtube. I had a great 2 days with these guys, and I hope they come through. Their record comes out in June on Sub Pop. Keep a look out for it! Also check out Particle Being Trio AKA Particle Being Ensemble on Debacle Records.

King Walrus & The Magicians on KCPR

Here is my first electric live band on air, on my radio show. The recording in all it's perfection (not). Details in the info below the video on youtube.

Max is my best buddy! Also, Garland's new name is Thuglicious Nasty, The Gravedigger, or Mort The Mortician.

Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady

Suspiria - Infamous Death Scene


Phenomena - Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor "The Valley"

Tenebre (Main Title) by Goblin

Keith Emerson - Mater Tenebrarum (Inferno)

Death Valzer - Goblin (Suspiria Soundtrack)

The Boomtown Rats. I Don't Like Mondays.

Brenda Ann Spencer isn't the only one who hates Mondays, she's just the only one that uses a gun to solve a case of the Mondays. I personally like the baseball bat in my office that I beat my couch with. I hate Mondays.

Nobunny- Mess Me Up

Momus A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy

Totes looks like my friend Lucy. FYI, Lucy is a dude.

Judas Priest - You've got Another Thing Comin'

New Model Army - Vengeance

Ministry - Revenge

Ain't got time for what you feel!

The Model - Big Black

cabaret voltaire - no escape

Z'ev - Wipe Out (1982)

GG Allin - Bite It You Scum

Micro Penis

The Promise Ring - Is This Thing On?

This is the most annoying song ever. This is for Greg.

Young Robert Downey Jr - Age 5

Crispin Glover on The Arsenio Hall Show (part 1)

Crispin Glover on The Arsenio Hall Show (part 2)

Rammstein - Das Modell (Official Video) HD

Worst cover ever!

Stepping on the M83

This is weird that this isn't the first time Spongebob has been in my blog.

The Mountain Goats feat. Goats

Dude....the fucking best!

Goat sing with Usher

The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut (Part 2)

Someone needs to make edits of screaming goats in other types of music. Screaming goats in Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and Mikal Cronin songs would make me pee my pants laughing.

The Ultimate Goat Edition Supercut

New favorite thing - goats. I think after being a music director for a while you start to really like goats. Happened to the last guy.

[Full Ep] MY HERO IS SNOOKI! - Maury Wild Teen, Jersey Shore Fan Confr

Oh wow, that's fucked! A boy in your room in his underwear  oh bitch no! I haven't even gotten pickled and that's my fucking nick name. I'm totally into trash TV now.

Maury Compilation: Bad Ass Kids

These kids are total badasses! Where would you get weed when your seven anyway? Your parents stash? This is the only time you'll hear someone bragging about drinking wine coolers.

Glitter Dick vs. Judge Mathis

Check out Glitter Dick, they're rad! I like how Judge Mathis asks what color makeup after he says Turbo Negro. Was he thinking they were going to be in black face and go before him acting like that's totally normal and not fucked up?

Lene Lovich - I Think We're Alone Now

Andy B. Free - Tooda Mall - Funny soft rock song from album Free Spirit

This is my jam right now. What the fuck is this guy talking about? How did he make this song? On some shitty version of garage band? Kids with ADD and girls on Ecstasy  What kind of mall is this guy in? Is it the mall in the Tim & Eric movie? This is the best worst song ever!

MC Hammer Pumps in a Bump Music video Unedited

"12 Noon - pumps in the bumps are here" - should have been my senior year quote. Then maybe I would have a remote control fountain and a terrifying bulge that looks like a squirrel caught in a zebra banana hammock.

mc hammer pumps and a bump

There are the weirdest/dirtiest dance moves I've seen in this video. Try this shit out at your prom...I should have requested this song at that prom I went to drunk at a high school I never went to.

Hammer - 2 Legit 2 Quit (Full Version) (HQ)

For realz, James Brown was on some good assed shit during the filming of this video. He must have given it to MC Hammer too, because this is the craziest shit I've ever seen.

The Addams Family Groove - MC Hammer

Who remembers this? I remember feeling awkward that Wednesday Addams was doing the 2 legit hand sign.

Trent Reznor in Slam Bamboo #1

God damn! This is the mother of all videos. I can't even begin to think of what to say on how awesome this is.

Trent Reznor - eyes without a face

Trent Reznor covering Eyes Without A Face. I defend this cover because Billy Idol was in Generation X, which was an honest to god Brit Punk band. Maybe Trent got into Generation X and found out how great angry music could be.

Option 30 - Show Me What It's Like

More 80s Trent Reznor. The haircut he has is the best part.

Option 30 - Gotta look sharp

Trent Reznor in the 80s. The best video ever!

Swans- Weakling

NON - Total War

Foetus - Nail - Enter the Exterminator

Foetus - Lust for Death

Killing Joke - Eighties

Z'EV - Vuur Uur 1e

Whitehouse - "Ripper Territory"

Whitehouse - Dedicated to Peter Kurten

Do You Want Total Queer?

Cromagnon- Caledonia- 1969

Ricki Lake Goth Dude