Friday, December 31, 2010

Bob Dylan on booing and walking out - 1966

Bob Dylan has an epic "boo"

It's My Life - Just Go Batshit Crazy, and Maybe Become An Unfit Parent Like Joan Crawford

Polysics- I My Me Mine (Strong Machine 2 Version)

100 Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes

Mr. Happy Face

Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55

I want that outfit that Sammy's rocking.

Spongebob singing I can't drive 55

Jack Black on LSD

Indian Beatles

The Doors - Light My Fire

Johnny Cash - Impression of Rock n Roll Singer Impersonating Elvis

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan singing - Epic

Cannibal Corpse Plus Devo Equals A Giant WTF

Holy shit! Who doesn't love listening to random growls with the words "I'm alive" in it? I can't understand anything else said in the song, and that's good. HA! Who got that?

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Make Dresses For The Future - Christmas Edition

Megan is smiling because she knows I'm going to flash my armpit hair in public.

I look like some sort of flashy gaudy dictator, and Megan is my follower. Why does it look like I have a black eye on my right eye?

I was the official Christmas Tree of Neal's Christmas Party. 'The Black Heartthrobs' played and I just stood on stage and pretended to be a tree. I DIDN'T FUCKING MOVE!!!

That's right, read the tag.

I'm so festive!!!

I totally look like a Christmas tree. I have to say I feel accomplished because I walked into Wells Fargo that day like this. The teller was confused why a tree would need to wire money to the east coast.

I'm actually just a Ficus Tree from Jersey.

My muff isn't garbage, it's pinecones.

Now settle your gifts near me so they'll stay warm. Children all over the world will open their gifts to realize they smell like a size 4 and a half modest shoe.

This picture is pretty much what I feel a Christmas Tree portrayed by me embodies. Terror amoung the little ones.

I don't think I'm a welcoming Christmas Tree with this "Fuck Off!" tag on.

It looks like I have a black eye on my left eye now! Need more sleep!

I've been looking like Tiny Tim a lot lately. If Tiny Tim looks like The Penguin, and I look like Tiny Tim, does that mean I also look like The Penguin. This will be on the SATs.

I learned this sweet Crane Style from 'Enter The Dragon'.

I'm nothing but a show pony.

Movie Third Degree Black Swan - It's All About Me, Bitches

...and Simon didn't get interviewed. Boo for him, wah wah.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Dress Inappropriately At A Christmas Party

Tee Photo bomb

I put Christmas lights in my hair to be festive.

I'm so grumpy


So, probably not a great idea to put "Fuck Off!" on your name tag. I did it though.

Nylons ripped so bad that it doesn't even look like you have nylons on.

Bruno's still hanging out.

I added a friend for Bruno. It's starfish!

Happy Knee!

So crotchety...

Zombie T-Shirt, and the appearance of not wearing pants, or actually not wearing pants = Inappropriate Attire.

I love Shooting Zombies.

Tee doesn't notice that I'm giving her the googly stare. Just like you didn't notice my armpit hair until I pointed it out just now (you can see it stare you down).

I spy with my little eye the same things pointed out in the previous picture.

Last Year's New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt

Cool Guy Sunglasses

Someone else's Christmas Tree

American Flag

Dress up like an animal.

Juggalo Face Paint

Corpse Paint


...and yet, I had more to do.

No shoes. No service.

Foreign Flag. MEXICAN FLAG!

Found pictures.

News coverage.

Red light bulb.

Fresh hickey.

Cry for real.

Cover car in cellophane. Trucks are good enough.

Found Pictures Through Time!


More sweet black eye action!

My eye was so swollen.

I cut the shit out of my eye. I still have a scar through my eyebrow.

I'm so stoked on life right now!

This is my favorite pictre of myself.


It should be noted that Cameron wears glasses now because when he was a kid he used to stare at the sun. It's true, he told me.

He just wanted to prove he can stare into the sun.

Dillion is a pro.


This was my birthday last year.

When you have anxiety you pick at yourself until you don't notice you're missing a limb.

That's the collateral damage I was talking about in the previous blog post.

My birthday 2 years ago.

Yeah, that's my profile photo. Who cares if it's not new? You can't even tell!

I'm trying to be like Thom Yorke.

So, these pictures are about 2 years old. Can you tell? No, not at all...

This picture was taken like 3 years ago.

This is Mama Cat Elliot and Ashley. Sometimes Ashley disappears into the wooded area of the park at night. So every night I run into the park yelling "Ashley Ashley," then I am raped by trees.