Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hans Reichel - Le Bal

Hans Reichel used an instrument he created called the Daxophone on this track. The instrument has thin strips of wood that are played with a bow to mimic the sound of human voices and animal calls.

Mandy The Doll

Haunted Dolls

I get a lot of material for my blog that I end up not using. I am usually too lazy to actually write anything. Why write when I can post a video? However, this seemed creepy enough
This is Robert the Doll. He is apparently haunted by demons and drove his owners insane. He even has a wiki. Read here:

This is Annabelle the Doll. She is also reportedly possessed. She apparently is a vessel for a vicious demon. Quaint. She lives in the Warren Occult Museum now (which is a different interesting thing in it's own). She doesn't have a wiki, or any sources that really do it for me, but whatever, it's interesting and it's almost Halloween. Read here:

This is Mandy, and she lives in the Quesnel & District Museum and Archives in Canada. This doll is said to be inhabited by a sweet spirit of a child, that is attention hungry, and has fits of tantrums. This information was relayed by the staff at the museum. Here's their website.

The Humping Pack

Jim and Tammy PTL Club Opening - Oct 1986

Surprise guest, Jessica Hahn?

Three Faces of Amy Fisher

So many made for TV movies about Amy Fisher.

Max Hardcore & Leyla Rivera Interview

You should have grown up to be a dancer.

Leatherface Chainsaw Dance

The Plague Dogs Trailer

Watership Down Trailer

Fat Man Drinks A Bowl of Gravy