Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stereolab - The noise of carpet

Found Pictures

This is when I was getting ready for prom last week.
I decided to take prom the least seriously, especially because it wasn't my prom.
I should have dyed my hair leopard print, ya know, for the kids. They love that Beji Madden and those scene people.
I was the only one not dressed like a whore that night.
Gotta get ma ho lashes on.
My fish, Morrissey.
I named him Morrissey because he's a very effeminate man fish, and I'll never know for sure if he's gay or not.
My fish, Prince AKA "The Fish Formally Known as Prince" AKA that fucking symbol.
I wanted only purple rocks.
Prince has a castle, son.
My brother.
Sabrina passed the fuck out.
Johnny Friendly with porno card. That chick has a penis coming out of her thigh.
Going to San Francisco.
Porno cards from Vegas.
I got distracted while painting my nails.
I bleached ma hair.
Fuck y'all.
Going to Winter Formal.
They should really call it Winter Back That Ass Up, because that shit isn't formal.
Seriously there's a lot of teenagers that grind their ass as far as they can into dude's dicks.
Who needs jewelry?
I got my finger kicked back at Winter Formal while throwing boxes decorated like dice at cheerleaders. I'm NOT sorry hoes.
I cut my hand open trying to open a bottle without a bottle opener.
I thought if I hit the neck of the bottle it'd break and leave the body okay.
I ended up ruining the party when I ran out of the building, broke the bottle, and came back in holding broken pieces together and telling everyone to drink from my hands quickly.
People get upset when you run into a party holding glass and bleeding profusely everywhere.
...and that's how I met Dracula.
I was going to Nux Fest.
I seem unsure about that.
Laurie bought Lakers water. I felt just like Kobe, which is why I held Laurie down on raped her.
Mad Dog Snow cone.
Fish heads fish heads. Rollie pollie fish heads.
Fish heads fish heads. Eat them up yum.
They can't play baseball.
They don't wear sweaters.
They're now good dancers. They can't play drums.
People put stickers on my face.
I got safety goggles.
Steve Martin ironing a kitten.
This scary as fuck ska album I found in KCPR.
Justin passed the fuck out in San Francisco.
This chick looks like me a little.
My eyes look fucked up.
He's more like cubic zirconium Dave these days.
KCPR, deal with it.
Simon sitting on the curb like the bum he is.
He's probably drunk too.
I drew this for KCPR's zine.
Shameless advertizing.
My friend has a chicken named Choke A Bow.
I love chickens!
My brother.
San Francisco
I think it means a whale gaping asshole, or vagina.
This pole in San Francisco.
My brother and me.
Brenden and me with silly green pipe cleaner moustaches.
Brenden AKA Viking Moses and Zack.
My brother's hair.
My brother again.
Brenden and me.