Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Salesmen

I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for my role in The Cowboy at The Channies. I was Jane the horse wife. The Channies are the award ceremony of Channel 101. Even though I wanted that Channy so bad, I lost, but I lost to the best. I hope I will get a Channy one day and that I get to go to The Channies again next year.

I was in this too.

Edith Massy Sings

My birthday ends when Christmas decorations get taken down.

Pink Flamingos - Babs Birthday Party

Give me my birthday gifts already, it's been 4 days

Young Guns

The man who fell to earth / (a fragment of,) III

DEVO - Rod & Donut Rooter - Father / Daughter talk Pt 1

DEVO - Rod & Donut Rooter - Father / Daughter talk Pt 2

Devo - Live WHK Auditorium, Cleveland 1977 (Full Bootleg)

The Big Lebowski - Cut Off Your Johnson

Addam's Family Values Thanksgiving Play

I will not break bread with normals. Fuck you.

Potato Knishes

The Tom Green Show - Moose Humping

Tom Green sings "piece of stick" to Glenn Humplik

The Tom Green Show - The Bum Bum Song ("Lonely Swedish")

The Tom Green Show - Undercutters Pizza

Tom Green - Milking is the law

The Tom Green Show - Grandma Knows Best ! (Tom's Grandmother)

The Tom Green Show - Painting The Parents House

The Tom Green Show - Slutmobile

Best of Dr. Lizardo - Buckaroo Banzai

Jeff Goldblum Is Simultaneously Hilarious and Creepy in New GE Ad

Check It Out: Ron Don Volante's Strip Club

Dr. Steve Brule: Brown's Day Care

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Mahanahan Child Clowns

Watch What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD

Jeff Goldblum Laughs Forever

Hell Orbs - Pizza Time

Horse Apples

Lazy Horse Mattress Ad | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim


Jesco White on Marriage

Huffing airplane glue from a samrich bag with Jesco White

Jesco White On Sniffin'

Allison from Intervention

allison walks on sunshine

Allison Walks On SUNSHINE!

Intervention - Allison - The Po Po

Allison From Intervention

Quite possibly my favorite "Intervention" clip ever

I Like Peach Pie

I like the peach pie

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACHES brought to you by Comedy Central - Chef Goldblum

Tim and Eric - Pizza Freaks Unite

Tim and Eric - KFC Jingle

New Perfect Bacon Bowl Commercial

The Daguerreotype: Photographic Processes

Dank Ass Sandboarding Son

I Smoke Weed

Fat Black Guy Rapping About Mcnuggets Epic

Oh Ceddy Bu

Three 6 Mafia - Knock The Black Off Yo Ass

You gotta knock the black off yo ass then repeat yourself a bunch in yo (MTV) raps

Rapper Ceddy Bu The 650LB " Rap Sumo " Died in a horrific crash. ( LIVE NEWS )

Calvin Klein Obsession Commercial Lazarus Tag

Touch My Monkey

Macabre - Do The Dahmer

Cliffhanger - Favorite one-liner from John Lithgow

John Lithgow Is Watching You Pee

Nintendo Sixty FOUR

None of that Nintendo Sixty Three shit

Watch The Worst Animal Show Ever

The Real Truth Behind Monster Energy

That ol Stan is at it again, and he got his posse involved teh illuinininininaughty

Monster Energy Drinks Are The Work of Satan

or maybe a guy named Stan

MTV Cribs - Ying Yang Twins

DJO - Star Trek - I'm A Big Chocolate Slut

David Bowie with A Kitten On His Head

Junior Trailer In Spanish

Romeo Miller Commands You To Go To ICDC College

I'm Da Bessssssss

Chatty Patty Infomercial

Mad Kid Talks About Fedora Haters

Thug Life

Aidan The Gay Fish

Ben Is Gay

Butthole Surfers - Mexican Caravan

Man Has Slept With Over 1000 Cars

Strange Love: My Car Is My Lover

The Talking Dollar

Hitler and Shrek

Arrested Development - Buster Puppet

Heil Honey I'm Home

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

The Woggles

Teletubbies Noo Noo Sucks Up Toast! Cleaning Up! Tubby Toast

Clothing of The Future!

Deep Red OST

The Facts of Death Part 1 of 6

Watch all 6 parts, part 4 has a corpse having it's jaw wired shut


Make Crack

HEADON Apply Directly To The Forehead!

Being John Malkovich - Malkovich Inside Malkovich

The Proper Way To End Your Film

The Residents - The Commercial Album

The Residents - Meet The Residents

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

Death Row

News feature detailing execution methods....... and screw-ups

Report on Nebraska's electric chair and its use and procedures

Execution On The Electric Chair Explained

Execution by Electric Chair Explained At Virginia State Prison

24 Hours On Death Row Description of Alabama Electric Chair

Mike Love on Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous 1990

124 Minutes of Yee


Search For The Mothman

Bigfoot and Elvis, Sea Monsters, Hairy Man Houses Found

Elvis Sighting #1

Elvis Sighting #2

Elvis Sighting #3

Elvis Sighting #4

A Conversation with Richard Ramirez--The Night Stalker--Reported by Mike Watkiss

Don't Shake Your Finger At Me Young Man

Ted Bundy Evil Look At Reporters

Ted Bundy Angry In Court

Ted Bundy Court Footage

Serial Killer - Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Interview 1977

Jeffrey Dahmer Stone Phillips Interview

Jeffrey Dahmer 1 of 2 Inside Edition Interview

Jeffrey Dahmer 2 of 2 Inside Edition Interview

Osama Bin Laden ya Esta Muerto

We're Not Aiming For The Truck

Zenon Girl of the 21st Century - Song Zoom

Fuck girls in my 3rd grade class

I've Had The Time of My Life


Hello Kitty Had The Time of Her Life


1975 Charlie Rich Lights John Denver's Award Ballot On Fire LIVE!

I'm drunk

Time Life Music - Best of Soft Rock Infomercial

Oh my god, kill me

Justin David Myers - Lost

T Baby - It's So Cold In The D

Bruce Haack - Mean Old Devil