Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Boyd Rice Experience - Mr Intolerance

Pussy Safari - United Artists Music Video

Greg knows these people...

Momus - The Hairstyle of the Devil

Momus - Murderers, the Hope of women

David Byrne I Know Sometimes a Man Is Wrong (HQ)

Olivia Newton-John, Please Don't Keep Me Waiting

This is that song in 'The Orkly Kid' that Crispin Glover screaches out. I like his version better.

Love Is A Lie by Lion

This is that song playing during Crispin Glower's nerd dance.

30 Door Key AKA Ferryduke - Jerzy Skolimowski / Crispin Glover

These Harry Potter movies keep getting more fucked up.

Twister - Crispin Glover Song


Crispin Glover meets LittleLoca - Part 1

Crispin Glover meets LittleLoca - Part 2

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Track 01, Noon, from Liquid Sky Soundtrack

Track 02, Alien's Theme I, from Liquid Sky Soundtrack

Liquid Sky OST 3 Night Club 1

Liquid Sky OST 4 Jimmy's Theme

Liquid Sky OST 5 Margaret's Childhood Theme

Liquid Sky OST 6 The Way The Alien Kills

Liquid Sky OST 7 Me And My Rhythm Box

Liquid Sky OST 8 Night Club II

Liquid Sky OST 9 Sunset

Liquid Sky OST 10 Margaret's Apartment

Liquid Sky OST 11 Katherine In The Club

Liquid Sky OST 12 Afternoon

Liquid Sky OST 13 Wordplay

Liquid Sky OST 14 Night Club III

Liquid Sky OST 15 Fashion Show

Liquid Sky OST 16 Seduction Of Vincent

Liquid Sky OST 17 Margaret's Apartment II

Liquid Sky OST 18- Alien's Theme II

The Flaming Lips - "Sun Blows Up Today" [Lyric Video]

Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds

Chromatics - Tick of the Clock

Eraserhead - Original Soundtrack

David Lynch & Alan R. Splet - Pete's Boogie

Nervous Gender - Cardinal Newman

Nervous Gender - Christian Lovers

Nervous Gender - Exorcism

the pixies ~ (in heaven) lady in the radiator song

Deep Inside Veronica Moser's Mind

The internet is a dark and terrifying place.