Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Salesmen

I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for my role in The Cowboy at The Channies. I was Jane the horse wife. The Channies are the award ceremony of Channel 101. Even though I wanted that Channy so bad, I lost, but I lost to the best. I hope I will get a Channy one day and that I get to go to The Channies again next year.

I was in this too.

Edith Massy Sings

My birthday ends when Christmas decorations get taken down.

Pink Flamingos - Babs Birthday Party

Give me my birthday gifts already, it's been 4 days

Young Guns

The man who fell to earth / (a fragment of,) III

DEVO - Rod & Donut Rooter - Father / Daughter talk Pt 1

DEVO - Rod & Donut Rooter - Father / Daughter talk Pt 2

Devo - Live WHK Auditorium, Cleveland 1977 (Full Bootleg)

The Big Lebowski - Cut Off Your Johnson

Addam's Family Values Thanksgiving Play

I will not break bread with normals. Fuck you.

Potato Knishes

The Tom Green Show - Moose Humping

Tom Green sings "piece of stick" to Glenn Humplik

The Tom Green Show - The Bum Bum Song ("Lonely Swedish")

The Tom Green Show - Undercutters Pizza

Tom Green - Milking is the law

The Tom Green Show - Grandma Knows Best ! (Tom's Grandmother)

The Tom Green Show - Painting The Parents House

The Tom Green Show - Slutmobile

Best of Dr. Lizardo - Buckaroo Banzai

Jeff Goldblum Is Simultaneously Hilarious and Creepy in New GE Ad

Check It Out: Ron Don Volante's Strip Club

Dr. Steve Brule: Brown's Day Care

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Mahanahan Child Clowns

Watch What Happens When a Portrait Artist Takes LSD

Jeff Goldblum Laughs Forever

Hell Orbs - Pizza Time

Horse Apples

Lazy Horse Mattress Ad | Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! | Adult Swim


Jesco White on Marriage

Huffing airplane glue from a samrich bag with Jesco White

Jesco White On Sniffin'

Allison from Intervention

allison walks on sunshine

Allison Walks On SUNSHINE!

Intervention - Allison - The Po Po

Allison From Intervention

Quite possibly my favorite "Intervention" clip ever

I Like Peach Pie

I like the peach pie

PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACHES brought to you by Comedy Central - Chef Goldblum

Tim and Eric - Pizza Freaks Unite

Tim and Eric - KFC Jingle

New Perfect Bacon Bowl Commercial

The Daguerreotype: Photographic Processes

Dank Ass Sandboarding Son

I Smoke Weed

Fat Black Guy Rapping About Mcnuggets Epic

Oh Ceddy Bu

Three 6 Mafia - Knock The Black Off Yo Ass

You gotta knock the black off yo ass then repeat yourself a bunch in yo (MTV) raps

Rapper Ceddy Bu The 650LB " Rap Sumo " Died in a horrific crash. ( LIVE NEWS )

Calvin Klein Obsession Commercial Lazarus Tag

Touch My Monkey

Macabre - Do The Dahmer

Cliffhanger - Favorite one-liner from John Lithgow

John Lithgow Is Watching You Pee

Nintendo Sixty FOUR

None of that Nintendo Sixty Three shit

Watch The Worst Animal Show Ever

The Real Truth Behind Monster Energy

That ol Stan is at it again, and he got his posse involved teh illuinininininaughty

Monster Energy Drinks Are The Work of Satan

or maybe a guy named Stan

MTV Cribs - Ying Yang Twins

DJO - Star Trek - I'm A Big Chocolate Slut

David Bowie with A Kitten On His Head

Junior Trailer In Spanish

Romeo Miller Commands You To Go To ICDC College

I'm Da Bessssssss

Chatty Patty Infomercial

Mad Kid Talks About Fedora Haters

Thug Life

Aidan The Gay Fish

Ben Is Gay

Butthole Surfers - Mexican Caravan

Man Has Slept With Over 1000 Cars

Strange Love: My Car Is My Lover

The Talking Dollar

Hitler and Shrek

Arrested Development - Buster Puppet

Heil Honey I'm Home

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

The Woggles

Teletubbies Noo Noo Sucks Up Toast! Cleaning Up! Tubby Toast

Clothing of The Future!

Deep Red OST

The Facts of Death Part 1 of 6

Watch all 6 parts, part 4 has a corpse having it's jaw wired shut


Make Crack

HEADON Apply Directly To The Forehead!

Being John Malkovich - Malkovich Inside Malkovich

The Proper Way To End Your Film

The Residents - The Commercial Album

The Residents - Meet The Residents

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

Death Row

News feature detailing execution methods....... and screw-ups

Report on Nebraska's electric chair and its use and procedures

Execution On The Electric Chair Explained

Execution by Electric Chair Explained At Virginia State Prison

24 Hours On Death Row Description of Alabama Electric Chair

Mike Love on Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous 1990

124 Minutes of Yee


Search For The Mothman

Bigfoot and Elvis, Sea Monsters, Hairy Man Houses Found

Elvis Sighting #1

Elvis Sighting #2

Elvis Sighting #3

Elvis Sighting #4

A Conversation with Richard Ramirez--The Night Stalker--Reported by Mike Watkiss

Don't Shake Your Finger At Me Young Man

Ted Bundy Evil Look At Reporters

Ted Bundy Angry In Court

Ted Bundy Court Footage

Serial Killer - Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Interview 1977

Jeffrey Dahmer Stone Phillips Interview

Jeffrey Dahmer 1 of 2 Inside Edition Interview

Jeffrey Dahmer 2 of 2 Inside Edition Interview

Osama Bin Laden ya Esta Muerto

We're Not Aiming For The Truck

Zenon Girl of the 21st Century - Song Zoom

Fuck girls in my 3rd grade class

I've Had The Time of My Life


Hello Kitty Had The Time of Her Life


1975 Charlie Rich Lights John Denver's Award Ballot On Fire LIVE!

I'm drunk

Time Life Music - Best of Soft Rock Infomercial

Oh my god, kill me

Justin David Myers - Lost

T Baby - It's So Cold In The D

Bruce Haack - Mean Old Devil

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn

Death Row The Final 24 Hours


Fetishes Trailer

The Mother Show - Tom Rubnitz

Six Figures Getting Sick Six Times

The Alphabet

Alphabet 2

Alphabet 3

Rabbits by David Lynch

Samurai Cop Trailer

Punk CD

Herman Cain - "Imagine There's No Pizza"

Why Is America #1?

Handicapped On 'To Catch A Predator'

Pink Flamingos Trailer

You Is The Best Dawg

Steve Martin "I Like-a You" - The Man With Two Brains

Creepiest Caller in Coast To Coast History

Go Up To Your Room - G2 feat. JD Eyebrows

Little Wings - Mark Gormley

Without You - Mark Gormley

Just For Kissin' - Phil Thomas Katt

The Real Story of Animal Farm

Juggalo Rap "My Last Day of School"

Robin Williams Illuminati Sacrifice, Or Just Some Crazy Douchebaggery On The Internet

These people are on druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs

Jesus Christ Is My Nigga

James Randi Exposes James Hydrick

Hot Tracks 29 Nick Hates Lies

Woman Has Sex With Dogs


Garfield - Where's Pizza?


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Devo As Dove The Band of Love - Pray TV

You can't go back Shari RoboScotti. You're gonna lose your ma Shari Robot Scotty. Buy them by the sack Shari RoboScotty. You're gonna get small Shari Robot Scotti. Just another wrap Cherry Robot Scotty. You're running out of sap Cherry RoboScotti. You better take the wrap Cherry Robot Scotty Dog. You're dying under daddy's cap because your dad owns State Farm. It's at the top of the list Sherry RoboScotty. You can't get pissed Sherry RoboScotti. It's rule number 1 Sherry Robot Scotty. Living right isn't fun Sherry Robot Scotti. It's a god given fact Sherry Robot Scotty Dog. It's a god given law Shari Robot Scotty Dog. Time tested and true. You gotta pooty poo poo Shari RoboScotty Dog. Shrivel up! Shrivel up Devo!

Devo - M-80 Festival Live - Dove the Band of Love 1980

I Got It From Dr. Gonzalez

Oh my aching vagina, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my gaping asshole, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my need for your juice, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my broken jaw, Dr. Gonzalez.

The Room - Denny - I Just Like To Watch You Guys

Joe Aufricht News 1997

The Funeral of My 9 Year Old Son



Tara The Android Compilation

Tom R Toe


Tom R Toe's Hoes

Meow Meow I Am A Cat

Durutti Column - GED

When you have pizza on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime

Bagel Bites

Nina Hagen - Letterman Interview 1985

Vermin Supreme - When I'm President Everyone Gets A Pony

Dark Soul

Stories From Africa

Japanese Guy Crying SHREDS

Politics is hard because you have to learn guitar

Jan Terri - Excuse My Christmas

Inside The KKK

The Ramones are right, they're going to take my baby away.

Bunny Eating Raspberries In The Internet


Bangin' Old Bitches

So hard

MarineLand Commercial

I'm going to kill your family

Cookie Monster Stares At Titties

How To Skin An Alligator

Endless Botfly Extraction

Worst Band Fails Compilation

Worst Band Fails Compilation Part 2

Drummer Is The Only Thing That Isn't Lame

Worst Band Ever Plays Pink Floyd

Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's

Woman High On PCP Is A Demon

Hank of the Hill

Biscuit Buddies

Macho Man Randy Savage - Be A Man

Funeral Parlour with Ultimate Warrior

Badstreet USA

Dance of the Weird Uncles - Memory Hole

Devil Man Vacuum - Memory Hole

Babysitter Wanted - Memory Hole

I'm Obese Song - Memory Hole

Wormhole Grandpa - Memory Hole

Motown By White People

Soccer Moms Need Guns Too

Moms On The Net

Nightmare On Drug Street

Kids' Lives

Satan Is My Tour Manager

I'm A Satanist

Colby The Christian Robot


Jesus Died For Your Donuts

Joy Junction - Gimme Patience Now

Joy Junction - Ron & Marty

Joy Junction - Sarah Edens sings "Never Give Up"

Joy Junction - Ron & Marty Dirty Pictures

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy The Witch

This is Happy the Witch from the comic Drunk Wizard by my friend Julian. It's a great comic and is a hit. Fun Fact: Happy the Witch is in partly based off me. Fun.

Burger Boogaloo

My good friend at Burger Records took a picture that showcases me and my friends' stylish back heads. I'm the short one behind the Pork soldier.

Devo Took A Picture of Me

I'm on the far right (you gotta enlarge)

The Cowboy Ep. 2

I'm in this too. Channel 101 still.

The Cowboy Ep. 1

I'm in this thing. Channel 101, vote, stuff.

My Friend Jason Interviews Devo

Jan Terri - Excuse My Christmas (Demon Remix)

Tiene Nombres Mil

Poop So Hard

Fred Durst - Freestyle Rap

Can't get those black butt cheeks out of my face

American Psycho - Do You Like Huey Lewis and The News?

My dick is as hard as blood fuck

Celebrity Deformities - Dan Aykroyd


Why Try To Escape From Which You Know You Can't Escape From? by Lars Von Trier

Old Skull - Homeless

The Public Enemy - James Cagney Gets Real

Shut up, bitch

Period Piece

The Fury Ending


Go to hell

Poltergeist Face Peeling

Scanners Ending


The Blob

The Beast Within

Parasite 3D

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Balloon Shop - Mountain Dew

The Fesh Pince of Blair

Powerpuff Bunny

Boy Stutters For 1 Minute

Scary Roll

Ballet Zoom - Cats

Ballet Zoom - Platillos Volantes

Ballet Zoom - Soul Dracula

Sadler's Wells

Carrie 1976 Ending

I will haunt your dreams

How To Ride A Horse

How To Dye Your Hair

The Omen - It's All For You Damien!

I want it all

Mr. Pickles - Good Boy

Someone knows me too well

Would You Fuck Me? I'd Fuck Me

Skinhead Punches Geraldo

Macaulay Culkin Eating A Slice of Pizza

Envy by Pete

Wonder Showzen - White People

Friday, May 9, 2014

Putney Swope Trailer (1969)

Begotten Beautiful Scenes

Never Too Young For A Vietnam Flashback

Leigh Bowery - Mannequin - Take Me To The Club

True Stories - Dream Operator

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 1

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 2

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 3

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 4

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 5

Music To Die For

This guy is a scared Christian Jeff Daniels.

Klaus Kinski - Jesus

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Audiobook

A Clockwork Orange - Reading The Bible

Fuck Me! Scene From The Exorcist

Suicide Mouse


Scared Straight - Kool Aid Lips

Never Illegally Download

Stay In School

You Could Stop At Five Or Six Stores

Ice Cream Tester

Oregon's Exploding Whale - 1970 KATU

Begotten - God Commits Suicide



Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Are you dying yet?

Stranger Danger Vs Creepy Cops

Dick boys will rape ya.


Sounds of The Seventies

I work for a law firm now, but I'm still hip.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 5

Now ruined Christmas

My Video For Briona

Are you high? Baby girl? Are you masturbating? How do you know about sand on other galaxies? You referenced "humans". Are you an alien? Golden diamonds? Burglar?

You're in 10th grade. Go eat your pizza in a triangle box.

Boy Cries and Pleads To Girlfriend - Please Don't Leave Me

This time's for real, I know what love is being a 15 year old boy and everything. You can live with me at my mom's house with my 4 toddler aged sisters that scream constantly.

Santa Maria has feeling too.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 8

I was locked in my best friend's room with this commercial playing, then she broke out the CD and started playing the damn thing. Girls were giving make overs, talking about kissing boys, and that's when I lite a small fire with flash cards for the times tables. I had to crawl out of the window to get away from the smoke. That trauma is something that sticks to me this very day.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 3

The theme to gym class when the teacher wanted to sneak off to take pain killers and fall asleep with his sunglasses on.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 2

Fuck people I went to 3rd grade with.

Pure Moods CD Commercial

This commercial ruined Nickelodeon for me. Also, fuck people that like Enya.

Ultimate Dance Party 1997 Commercial

UH! All the crappy dance hits my mom did E to in the 90s jam packed into one collectable CD.

Living In The 90s TV Commercial

Looking back, living in the 90s kind of sucked. I don't know what all the trendy idiot teens are doing romanticizing this shit. Probably because they were born in 1997 and don't know shit.

Time Life Body and Soul CD Commercial

Your parents are having sex, deal with it. And some smooth black guy is watching them.

Pure Disco CD Commercial

Not the Grease Mega Mix! It was worth it to stay up to watch Nick at Nite even though I thought Designing Women was the most boring show ever when I was 7.

Absolute 80s Commercial


Conway Twitty Sings Death Metal

Last Resort Bass Track - VERY SO PRO

I dare you not to laugh at how bad this is.

Meshuggah Face of Wall Street

The Video Diaries of Ricardo Lopez - The Bjork Stalker

Bjork Stalker - Ricardo Lopez

OFF! - Red, White, and Black

The Genius of The Crowd - Charles Bukowski

Party Monster - How To Be Fabulous

Don't hate me because I'm fabulous.

Punching The Clown Trailer

Don't say poop because apparently that's a really offensive word, especially is you feel a false sense of responsibility and importance despite being a college student in their early 20s. It's the American dream to be blinded by your parents money. Go figure.

American Movie Trailer

Let's make some movie magic

Greta Garbo - I Want To Be Alone

Sunset Blvd - I Am Big, It's The Pictures That Got Small

Sunset Blvd - Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Sunset Blvd. - No One Ever Leaves A Star

The Bad Seed

Strait-Jacket Murder Scene

Addicted To Drinking Urine

Addicted To Drinking Blood

Will It Blend? - Skeleton

I always wondered about that. Nothing can save you not once I get that blender.

Come To Turkey Naked Ladies

I kiss you Mahir

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - Good Day Sir!

Get the fuck outta ma face

Doctor Detroit (1983) Trailer

Hi Dan Aykroyd!

Purity Balls

Eat me out, Dad!

Devo - Modern Life

It's a modern life, but it's not what you were looking for.

Joan Rivers Show - Club Kids

Party Monster - I Have Never Liked You

I'm just as much of an asshole.

Party Monster - Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour....not so much glamour, but everything else.

Tommy - Tina Turner - Acid Queen

Shoot up acid

Tommy - Eric Clapton - Eyesight To The Blind

God will never save you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back

I'm a total bitch, and I will bitch you out.

Divine - I'm So Beautiful

Fats Domino - I've Been Around

Hangover music after you destroy a house. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

Alphabet Men

I'm lovin' it. Ass play.

Rammstein - Buck Dich (live)

Love that chicken at Popeyes *penis*

Hitler Pokemon Master Feat. Shrek

I got yelled at by my dad for playing Vengaboys too loud.

Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life

Telephone Lady

Rollin' Joel

Samwell - What What In The Butt

Rick James - Give It To Me Baby

Rick James - Super Freak

Haunted Space Jam

King of The Whores - Hank Hill Kills Everything

Will Smith - Wild Wild West Live

Will Smith - Men In Black

Will Smith - Will 2K

Will Smith - Talent, Skill, and Success

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Jump On It

He was chicken and waffles. I got a leg in one hand and a burr in the other.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Jump On It

Fucking Pookie Town in this bitch!

The Fesh Pince of Blair

Let me tell you a little story about this young boy that lived in Philly. And he was the prettiest
little boy you'd ever seen in your life. And right next to him lived this Filthy McRotten dude and he wanted his body. So one day the dude was about to get it on, right. And the young boy says no, you can be my boyfriend. So the nasty dude snatched off into his ass and came out his dick. And do you know why? NO. Because the nasty guy had a 2 headed cock. MMMMM SO. THIS STORY IS ABOUT YOU, WILL.


Your head fell forward, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.

Full House - Official Trailer