Thursday, October 28, 2010

Awkward Youth

I found these terribly awkward photos that my aunt keeps in her wallet all of the time (Bitch, I need money! Never mind why I was going though her wallet!). What better way to deal with the insecurity of the painful process of puberty then to broadcast it to the world via my blog. Enjoy.

This is my 10th grade photo. I was leaning on some fake greek pillar. I should have been wearing a toga and wreath then my sweet tie dyed Jim Morrison shirt (that I still have, but never wear).

This is me when I was 15 and I was on my way to a Wiccan/Pegan church. Ah, remember being at that age when that was cool and you listened to Green Day?

This is me at 14 with my cat Stu. My mom sold him shortly thereafter. Punk fucking rock.

This is my with my cat Keith, which was also sold. The fashion of me at 14 is so much tougher then what I wear now.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Cool Halloween Costume!

I'm Scott for Halloween! I held my hair to my face to create a beard illusion (which is Scott's new book on atheism).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias dancing in Fiorucci windows NYC - Real People

KCPR Concert - Little Teeth and Neato - Bandito

What does that poster say, man?


Me going to the shindig.

Michael's in the zone.

...and wants none of my shit.

We had our own model shoot right then and there.

He looks like some rapper that's going to go get some cognac or crystal.


Josh and Mikey AKA Neato - Bandito.

Did Trevor and Mikey just have a love connection? I think so because there's a hunting knife sticking out of the wall.

Josh live in concert.

The side of Dani's head!

Trevor moshing in front of the band.

Stephanie watching Josh rock out.

Sophie taking a picture of me while I'm taking a picture of her.

Dani and me. Dani thinks her head looks huge in this picture.

Little Teeth.

KCPR put on a concert at our business manager's house (Swazey House. I like to call it Road House). His name is Russell, we go way back. The bands 'Little Teeth' and 'Neato - Bandito' played, and they also happen to be friends of mine. 'Neato - Bandito' is my friends Josh and Mikey's band, and 'Little Teeth' are my friends Dani and Sophie's band. It was a lot of fun. Jungle juice!


So I meantioned in an earlier post that I helped out at the KCPR booth at WOW week. A bunch of people took pictures of me and it was fun. I think it was the face paint.

Post Max's Going Away Party

Yes I know that happened weeks ago, but I just got the pictures out of my camera. I don't have many, so here's a picture of my rad costume. I always have a rad costume!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rocky Horror Picture Show 2010

So, this was my costume for Rocky Horror last night. A guy in a skimpy maids outfit won, but since I was so popular I got a prize too. So many people liked my costume that some took pictures with me. I have never felt more glamorous. At any rate I'm a winner because my costume got the most attention. I think it was the hair. It's conceded time!

I'm Magenta in her space suit.

I'm pissed because my shoulder wings are just paper. I put off making this costume to the last minute and ended up making it that day. I woke up at 5am and just had the front of my dress done, as well as the gold sewn onto my gloves.

This will be my Halloween costume and I'll fix more of it later. I'm going to redo the wings to have 2 on each shoulder, and this time make them out of PVC. I'm also going to glue a buckle on the belt and some valcro to keep it together.

The gloves are my favorite part. I bought a pair of sequin gloves they were selling as Michael Jackson gloves, and I sewed one to be a glove for the opposite hand. Then I sewed gold material on the backs of the gloves. Then I cut out a pattern to make the cone like shape around the gloves on news paper. I kept doing a trial and error tests around my arms to see what would work and look the best. When I found my shape I cut out the pattern on PVC fabric and sewed it onto my glove. For the shape I cut some heavy construction paper into a cone shape, taped it together, and inserted it into the arm part of my gloves. I got some gold glitter glue to put a nice border around the top of my gloves as well. Glitter glue for fabric is a must in costumes for Rocky. My Columbia costume heavily relied on it.

I made my dress myself out of metallic gold fabric. I doubled up the fabric so it wouldn't be terribly see through, then sewed them together by hand (because I don't know how to use a sewing maching). I made a pattern out of news paper after holding it against my body and marking areas to draw a pattern. After drawing a pattern I held it against me to make sure everything looked right, then cut it out and traced it around some fabric, which was also cut out. While tracing on fabric, make sure the fabric is doubled up so you cut out 2 pieces at the same time. That way you can sew them together immediately. After sewing 2 pieces together you have the front part of the dress. I held the font part up to my body and saw how the dress layed on me, and where the ends of the fabric landed. My fabric wrapped around my side and ended up behind my armpit, while my straps where okay as they were. So I redid my pattern on news paper and made my sides about 2 inches shorter. I cut it out, held it against me and saw if everything looked right before cutting out my pattern and redoing the process. When I was finished I held the pieces against me and saw where to pin the straight pins. After pinning everything together I tried on the dress carefully and determined if it fit, which it did. I sewed my dress together, leaving slits on the sides to show leg, and then I was done.

My belt was made out of the strip of PVC, not very complicated. I didn't have time to put on a fastener, so I just scotch taped it.

This is my whore look. Hey everybody, it's Amy Winehouse!

All this was my hair wrapped in a styrofoam ball. The ball was wrapped in duct tape so no flakes would come off, and then wrapped in cellophane so the bobby pins would grab on to it and hold my hair in place. There was scotch tape around the cellophane to keep it together as well. The white streak is some hair paint spray that was like $2. That stuff is pretty awesome.

I did my hair by teasing it and putting in a lot of hair spray. Then I took strips of my hair and wrapped it around my styrofoam ball while simultaneously pinning it with bobby pins. I checked that no part of the ball was showing throughout this process. I left 2 strips of hair down to paint. They had to be able to be showing on the sides when my hair was up, and be able to go down to my root, so I picked strips from the underside of my hair. After all my hair was wrapped I painted the strips a length that would be tall enough to reach the top of my beehive, but not the whole strip of hair, because my hair is longer then the beehive is tall. I used over 200 bobby pins.

This is TP that people threw during the movie. I wrapped some of it around my massive hive.

Those bastard neighborhood kids TP'd my hair again.

This reminds me of the time I wore TP hanging off me and went downtown with my friends. I ripped off some pieces and lit it on fire in front of some people. That was last summer though.

I remember when I was younger I wrapped myself in TP and acted like a mummy for a day. My grandpa took a picture of me.

For my makeup I put on a light brown eye shadow with a dark maroon purple over it in the crease of my eyelid. I did a little blending then put a streak of white over that on my brow line. I put some liquid eyeliner on the top of my eye and then put fake eyelashes on, as well as on my bottom lashline too. I also put on some red lipstick. For my eye shadow I used Urban Decay Underground for my brown, a mix of Urban Decay Shag, Fishnet, and Ransom to create the dark maroon purple, and Revlon Glistening Snow for white. My eyeliner is black by Revlon, my fake eyelashes were from the drug store, and my lipstick is Love That Red by Revlon.

This isn't a very efficient way to choke yourself.

I can be a transvestite from Rocky or just totally 80s.

This is the process of taking my hair out.

That paint for your hair makes your hair super crunchy and hard, like a deep fried errection.

I could rock this new hairstyle.

I would go out like this, with that same expression on my face.

I look like Medusa.

I look like a Harajuku girl.

Even better, I look like a character from Final Fantasy.

I'm terrified my the hair.

Oh god, it's everywhere. It's eating me. The guy from Troll 2 was there and he said "They're eating her, and then they're going to eat me! Oh my god......"

This is when my hair was finally down. I look like a scene girl before she sprays a can of Aquanet in her hair.

A scene girl without hairspray is just emo. So does that mean I look emo. This is not an SAT question.