Friday, May 9, 2014

Putney Swope Trailer (1969)

Begotten Beautiful Scenes

Never Too Young For A Vietnam Flashback

Leigh Bowery - Mannequin - Take Me To The Club

True Stories - Dream Operator

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 1

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 2

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 3

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 4

Butthole Surfers Interview In Bed Part 5

Music To Die For

This guy is a scared Christian Jeff Daniels.

Klaus Kinski - Jesus

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Audiobook

A Clockwork Orange - Reading The Bible

Fuck Me! Scene From The Exorcist

Suicide Mouse


Scared Straight - Kool Aid Lips

Never Illegally Download

Stay In School

You Could Stop At Five Or Six Stores

Ice Cream Tester

Oregon's Exploding Whale - 1970 KATU

Begotten - God Commits Suicide



Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Are you dying yet?

Stranger Danger Vs Creepy Cops

Dick boys will rape ya.


Sounds of The Seventies

I work for a law firm now, but I'm still hip.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 5

Now ruined Christmas

My Video For Briona

Are you high? Baby girl? Are you masturbating? How do you know about sand on other galaxies? You referenced "humans". Are you an alien? Golden diamonds? Burglar?

You're in 10th grade. Go eat your pizza in a triangle box.

Boy Cries and Pleads To Girlfriend - Please Don't Leave Me

This time's for real, I know what love is being a 15 year old boy and everything. You can live with me at my mom's house with my 4 toddler aged sisters that scream constantly.

Santa Maria has feeling too.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 8

I was locked in my best friend's room with this commercial playing, then she broke out the CD and started playing the damn thing. Girls were giving make overs, talking about kissing boys, and that's when I lite a small fire with flash cards for the times tables. I had to crawl out of the window to get away from the smoke. That trauma is something that sticks to me this very day.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 3

The theme to gym class when the teacher wanted to sneak off to take pain killers and fall asleep with his sunglasses on.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 2

Fuck people I went to 3rd grade with.

Pure Moods CD Commercial

This commercial ruined Nickelodeon for me. Also, fuck people that like Enya.

Ultimate Dance Party 1997 Commercial

UH! All the crappy dance hits my mom did E to in the 90s jam packed into one collectable CD.

Living In The 90s TV Commercial

Looking back, living in the 90s kind of sucked. I don't know what all the trendy idiot teens are doing romanticizing this shit. Probably because they were born in 1997 and don't know shit.

Time Life Body and Soul CD Commercial

Your parents are having sex, deal with it. And some smooth black guy is watching them.

Pure Disco CD Commercial

Not the Grease Mega Mix! It was worth it to stay up to watch Nick at Nite even though I thought Designing Women was the most boring show ever when I was 7.

Absolute 80s Commercial


Conway Twitty Sings Death Metal

Last Resort Bass Track - VERY SO PRO

I dare you not to laugh at how bad this is.

Meshuggah Face of Wall Street

The Video Diaries of Ricardo Lopez - The Bjork Stalker

Bjork Stalker - Ricardo Lopez

OFF! - Red, White, and Black

The Genius of The Crowd - Charles Bukowski

Party Monster - How To Be Fabulous

Don't hate me because I'm fabulous.

Punching The Clown Trailer

Don't say poop because apparently that's a really offensive word, especially is you feel a false sense of responsibility and importance despite being a college student in their early 20s. It's the American dream to be blinded by your parents money. Go figure.

American Movie Trailer

Let's make some movie magic

Greta Garbo - I Want To Be Alone

Sunset Blvd - I Am Big, It's The Pictures That Got Small

Sunset Blvd - Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Sunset Blvd. - No One Ever Leaves A Star

The Bad Seed

Strait-Jacket Murder Scene

Addicted To Drinking Urine

Addicted To Drinking Blood

Will It Blend? - Skeleton

I always wondered about that. Nothing can save you not once I get that blender.

Come To Turkey Naked Ladies

I kiss you Mahir

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - Good Day Sir!

Get the fuck outta ma face

Doctor Detroit (1983) Trailer

Hi Dan Aykroyd!

Purity Balls

Eat me out, Dad!

Devo - Modern Life

It's a modern life, but it's not what you were looking for.

Joan Rivers Show - Club Kids

Party Monster - I Have Never Liked You

I'm just as much of an asshole.

Party Monster - Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

Money, Success, Fame, Glamour....not so much glamour, but everything else.

Tommy - Tina Turner - Acid Queen

Shoot up acid

Tommy - Eric Clapton - Eyesight To The Blind

God will never save you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back

I'm a total bitch, and I will bitch you out.

Divine - I'm So Beautiful

Fats Domino - I've Been Around

Hangover music after you destroy a house. Roll that beautiful bean footage.

Alphabet Men

I'm lovin' it. Ass play.

Rammstein - Buck Dich (live)

Love that chicken at Popeyes *penis*

Hitler Pokemon Master Feat. Shrek

I got yelled at by my dad for playing Vengaboys too loud.

Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life

Telephone Lady

Rollin' Joel

Samwell - What What In The Butt

Rick James - Give It To Me Baby

Rick James - Super Freak

Haunted Space Jam

King of The Whores - Hank Hill Kills Everything

Will Smith - Wild Wild West Live

Will Smith - Men In Black

Will Smith - Will 2K

Will Smith - Talent, Skill, and Success

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Jump On It

He was chicken and waffles. I got a leg in one hand and a burr in the other.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Jump On It

Fucking Pookie Town in this bitch!

The Fesh Pince of Blair

Let me tell you a little story about this young boy that lived in Philly. And he was the prettiest
little boy you'd ever seen in your life. And right next to him lived this Filthy McRotten dude and he wanted his body. So one day the dude was about to get it on, right. And the young boy says no, you can be my boyfriend. So the nasty dude snatched off into his ass and came out his dick. And do you know why? NO. Because the nasty guy had a 2 headed cock. MMMMM SO. THIS STORY IS ABOUT YOU, WILL.


Your head fell forward, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.
It fell forward again, you pulled it back. It fell forward again, you pulled it back.

Full House - Official Trailer


Full House Without Michelle - Potty Training

Bruce In The USA

Experience the magic.........or get wasted on wine coolers.


Horse Apples


This is the most racist gay guy I've ever heard.

Someone tried to tell me that this was Randy Newman.

Old white people listen to this and laugh because they think this is clever. All while they fall asleep to watching the Hallmark Channel.

Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (AKA SANTA MARIA SEX SONG)

Kenny Chesney wrote this heartfelt song after loosing his virginity to his John Deer tractor while he was in the FFA.

Tim McGraw - Truck Yeah (AKA THE SANTA MARIA SONG)

Tim McGraw personally came up to me and said "Do you wanna truck? I want you to put it in my trunk."

Lordside G - Lordsider Girl

When people in Santa Maria want to film something nice, they go to Santa Barbara.


P.S. Bill Dooooooooo

I tel u wat

Wilford Brimley Falls Head-First Down The Stairs

Wilford Brimley Does Things He Shouldn't Do

North Korea - Fucking USA

Life In The People's Paradise of DPRK

North Koreans Weeping Hysterically Over The Death of Kim Jong-Il