Sunday, August 17, 2014

Devo As Dove The Band of Love - Pray TV

You can't go back Shari RoboScotti. You're gonna lose your ma Shari Robot Scotty. Buy them by the sack Shari RoboScotty. You're gonna get small Shari Robot Scotti. Just another wrap Cherry Robot Scotty. You're running out of sap Cherry RoboScotti. You better take the wrap Cherry Robot Scotty Dog. You're dying under daddy's cap because your dad owns State Farm. It's at the top of the list Sherry RoboScotty. You can't get pissed Sherry RoboScotti. It's rule number 1 Sherry Robot Scotty. Living right isn't fun Sherry Robot Scotti. It's a god given fact Sherry Robot Scotty Dog. It's a god given law Shari Robot Scotty Dog. Time tested and true. You gotta pooty poo poo Shari RoboScotty Dog. Shrivel up! Shrivel up Devo!

Devo - M-80 Festival Live - Dove the Band of Love 1980

I Got It From Dr. Gonzalez

Oh my aching vagina, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my gaping asshole, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my need for your juice, Dr. Gonzalez. Oh my broken jaw, Dr. Gonzalez.

The Room - Denny - I Just Like To Watch You Guys

Joe Aufricht News 1997

The Funeral of My 9 Year Old Son



Tara The Android Compilation

Tom R Toe


Tom R Toe's Hoes

Meow Meow I Am A Cat

Durutti Column - GED

When you have pizza on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime

Bagel Bites

Nina Hagen - Letterman Interview 1985

Vermin Supreme - When I'm President Everyone Gets A Pony

Dark Soul

Stories From Africa

Japanese Guy Crying SHREDS

Politics is hard because you have to learn guitar

Jan Terri - Excuse My Christmas

Inside The KKK

The Ramones are right, they're going to take my baby away.

Bunny Eating Raspberries In The Internet


Bangin' Old Bitches

So hard

MarineLand Commercial

I'm going to kill your family

Cookie Monster Stares At Titties

How To Skin An Alligator

Endless Botfly Extraction

Worst Band Fails Compilation

Worst Band Fails Compilation Part 2

Drummer Is The Only Thing That Isn't Lame

Worst Band Ever Plays Pink Floyd

Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's Girl You Know It's

Woman High On PCP Is A Demon

Hank of the Hill

Biscuit Buddies

Macho Man Randy Savage - Be A Man

Funeral Parlour with Ultimate Warrior

Badstreet USA

Dance of the Weird Uncles - Memory Hole

Devil Man Vacuum - Memory Hole

Babysitter Wanted - Memory Hole

I'm Obese Song - Memory Hole

Wormhole Grandpa - Memory Hole

Motown By White People

Soccer Moms Need Guns Too

Moms On The Net

Nightmare On Drug Street

Kids' Lives

Satan Is My Tour Manager

I'm A Satanist

Colby The Christian Robot


Jesus Died For Your Donuts

Joy Junction - Gimme Patience Now

Joy Junction - Ron & Marty

Joy Junction - Sarah Edens sings "Never Give Up"

Joy Junction - Ron & Marty Dirty Pictures