Sunday, August 17, 2014

Devo As Dove The Band of Love - Pray TV

You can't go back Shari RoboScotti. You're gonna lose your ma Shari Robot Scotty. Buy them by the sack Shari RoboScotty. You're gonna get small Shari Robot Scotti. Just another wrap Cherry Robot Scotty. You're running out of sap Cherry RoboScotti. You better take the wrap Cherry Robot Scotty Dog. You're dying under daddy's cap because your dad owns State Farm. It's at the top of the list Sherry RoboScotty. You can't get pissed Sherry RoboScotti. It's rule number 1 Sherry Robot Scotty. Living right isn't fun Sherry Robot Scotti. It's a god given fact Sherry Robot Scotty Dog. It's a god given law Shari Robot Scotty Dog. Time tested and true. You gotta pooty poo poo Shari RoboScotty Dog. Shrivel up! Shrivel up Devo!