Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haunted Dolls

I get a lot of material for my blog that I end up not using. I am usually too lazy to actually write anything. Why write when I can post a video? However, this seemed creepy enough
This is Robert the Doll. He is apparently haunted by demons and drove his owners insane. He even has a wiki. Read here:

This is Annabelle the Doll. She is also reportedly possessed. She apparently is a vessel for a vicious demon. Quaint. She lives in the Warren Occult Museum now (which is a different interesting thing in it's own). She doesn't have a wiki, or any sources that really do it for me, but whatever, it's interesting and it's almost Halloween. Read here:

This is Mandy, and she lives in the Quesnel & District Museum and Archives in Canada. This doll is said to be inhabited by a sweet spirit of a child, that is attention hungry, and has fits of tantrums. This information was relayed by the staff at the museum. Here's their website.

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