Monday, September 3, 2012

High Horse by Chad Lee

What can I say, you love America so much that you would kill everyone in it with your awful music. I don't know why I got this single. Being music directer means you get shit like this and it confuses you. This guy wishes he was Toby Keith, hell, he wishes he could blow Toby Keith. Him and Billy Ray Cyrus should just have a circle jerk fist fuck session together, and then poop out a love baby to do duets with Miley Cyrus. All of you go to hell!!!


  1. You are a first rate douche bag!!!! This video is about what our soldiers give for our freedom, and the lack of concern from our government... It's ignorant Ass-clowns like you that ruin the values our country is built on!!!

  2. First Amendment Rites. The guise of the internet allows people like you to anonymously criticize my musical analysis. Something that many can't do face to face under their real name because of fear of criticism (kind of like the stuff you threw at me). It also allows you to completely misunderstand that, and interpret this as a political statement, a comment on military, and the country, when really, it's just about the song. At least I know it's honest admitting this as a real person and not anonymously.