Saturday, August 3, 2013

God Bless America Opening Scene

Learn to parent your god damn kids, one day they'll grow up to be assholes just like you. Worthless.

I do feel that the fact that anyone has the right to have kids whenever, however many, no matter what, is the greatest shame. Those rights should be earned by people that can prove they can actually be parents.

Note: I have a pet peeve. It's people that talk about washed up celebrities that were never that special, like they were on the up and up, and they feel so bad that they've made "some bad decisions". Who the fuck cares? Fuck 'em. Celebrity gossip is probably the worst waste of time that a human being can invest in. Read a book, invest time in that. Knowledge is power. Real knowledge, that has real weight. Not who's on crack or who's getting married or having a kid or who's dating who. What makes these people special where we have to pry into their lives? They probably want privacy, and they're probably just as boring as the rest of us.

"I think this society suffers so much from too much freedom, too many rights that allow people to be irresponsible."

- Boyd Rice

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